I’m back.

Hi Loves! Guess who’s back again? I’m so sorry for being so inactive, but it was really hard to make time for myself (which means also for continuing my blog) because of school, but I’m back. I promise to write blogposts more often, as it makes me happy. I’ll give you guys an update about … More I’m back.


Hi Loves! I asked y´all for a couple of questions for a lil q&a and I chose some of them to answer. I hope you like it 🙂 If you could give one tip to everyone, what would it be? -Go with the flow!! I´ve realized that I don´t really like to plan everything, short-term … More Q&A

First post!

Hi Loves! My name is Sara, without a last name for now. I don´t like to be called by my real last name, because I actually hate my father, not giving to much details about that, because it´s not really fun to talk about it. I´m waiting to change my last name to my mother´s. … More First post!